Uruguay in South America

Uruguay is a country with an area of 176,215 km2 lacking inhospitable areas, with 90% of the surface being usable. The population is 3,444,263 inhabitants in the last census of 2023.

Its geographical location in the most temperate area of the southern hemisphere allows livestock to feed on natural pastures throughout the year.

Uruguay is a South American country that is located entirely in the temperate zone. The average annual temperature for the country is around 17 °C. Average annual rainfall totals vary between 1000 mm in the south and 1400 mm in the north.

The basis of Uruguay's economy is based on agricultural production.
Beef stocks reached 11,689,000 heads in 2023, and wool stocks reached 6,164,0000 heads.

The main destination for wool exports on a dirty basis are China, Italy, Germany and Turkey in that order.

Wool production in Uruguay in the 2022/2023 harvest was 24,000 million kilos on a dirty basis. Wool exports for the same period were 29.5 million equivalent kilos on a dirty basis.

The largest volume of wool was exported combed (57.7%), followed by dirty wool (27.0%) and washed wool (15.3%).