Wool Production

Regarding wool production, it is necessary to highlight several:

The care and monitoring of the animals that make up this big flock (35,000 sheep) in what is health and nutrition throughout their life.

This requires a large number of specialized labor, the staff lives in the farms, currently employing 50 people.

For shearing, the company has its own machine and staff, trained to shear and classify the wool, following the quality standards required by the SUL (Uruguayan Wool Secretariat), that have awarded us with the first “grifa verde” given for this institution.

The "Grifa Verde" is a mark of quality in shearing and conditioning wool.

In 2007 the shearing company received an award from the SUL (Uruguayan Wool Secretariat) in recognition of the quality of its work.

Currently, the wool production  of the family business farms has been certified RWS, which is an international standard that refers to animal welfare.

Annual production reaches 110,000 kilos of wool.

Beef production

Regarding beef production:
The company has a cattle population of 10,500 heads and an annual beef extraction of 680,000 kg.
100% of the herd is made up of the Hereford breed.

The cattle are raised and fattened in natural pastures, in the open air and plenty of

Water emerging from rivers and streams that flow through our fields, ensuring the well-being of the animals we have a herd of pedigree cattle, that produces the bulls used in the general rodeo.

We permanently supply ourselves genetics from the most recognized Hereford herds in Uruguay.

Our production system is full cycle. 

We have the entire production ladder. The calves are born in the company and raised until slaughter at 550 kgs.

We have a herd of Criollo horses that the staff uses as a work tool for the management of cattle and sheep.


We were among the first in the 70s to forest following the impulse caused by the first Forestry Law in Uruguay.

Since then we have continued to increase the area forested with Eucalyptus Grandis and Pinus Elliotti.